Where can I find a box to send my waste?

We encourage you to send your waste in reused boxes. We have compiled a list of locations for sourcing second-hand boxes:

  • Supermarkets – Drinks/fruit & veg/cleaning product boxes are large enough and are designed to carry heavyweights
  • Discount stores 
  • Grocery stores/Off-licenses 
  • Restaurants/bars – alcohol/drinks boxes are strong and design to carry heavyweights
  • Bookstores – like alcohol, books are heavy and the boxes need to be sturdy
  • Printing shops – will have a lot of copier paper boxes for smaller shipments which are also very strong
  • Recycling centres – many boxes end up at recycling centres that accept corrugated cardboard
  • Local schools/colleges/universities
  • Fast food chains
  • Pharmacies – for smaller boxes
  • DIY and department stores/clothing stores

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